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3 Top Tips Every Custom Cake Client Should Know

Are you considering getting a custom cake for an upcoming birthday party or other special events? Cakes are usually the centerpiece of any occasion and serve as the climax of the event where everyone comes together to watch it be cut and served. Nothing leaves a better impression of any event than a beautiful and personalized cake that perfectly goes with the theme of the party.

With so many ideas for custom cakes on the internet, and cheap cakes lining supermarket shelves everywhere, it can be overwhelming to get the perfect custom cake for yourself. Here are some tips to help make the process a bit easier:

Give as much information as you can

It’s important to be open and communicative about your exact needs regarding your custom cake when you’re placing an order. Key details like the number of guests who will eat the cake, the date that it is needed, colors, flavors, and any other custom requests will help your baker of choice bring your dream cake to life while assessing its availability. Just saying that you need cake can’t help a bakery give you a quote since they won’t know the date that you need it on or the size that it needs to be.

Don’t expect overnight miracles

Making a beautiful cake requires plenty of time and planning, which is especially true for custom designs since they have a lot more personalized details. You can’t call up a baker the day before your child’s birthday and ask them to prepare something to serve to a hundred guests. It’s not like bakers don’t want to help you out; they just don’t have the time to do it in a skillful manner. Make sure that you place your order way in advance, at least 2 weeks minimum.

Set a realistic budget

If you’ve never ordered a custom cake before, you probably don’t have much of an idea about the costs. Don’t look at plain old supermarket cakes as your price benchmark—their quality can not be compared to a custom cake. Many bakers usually give some indication about the pricing beforehand so that you can determine whether your required cake will be within your budget.

A pink cake

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