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Award winning custom cakes, pastries, bread, sandwiches, and catering. 

الحائز على جائزة الكعك المخصص والمعجنات والخبز والسندويشات، وتقديم الطعام.

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Online Bakery In Abu Dhabi

Craving some delicious cheesecake? Or maybe a Margherita pizza fresh from the oven? PrymRose has got everything your heart can desire and more! We’re one the best bakeries in Abu Dhabi, and we provide event catering, Arabic sweets, and delicious desserts to foodies all across the city.


Our high-quality patisserie in Abu Dhabi strives towards excellence in all forms—from our excellent ingredients to the intricate baking process and the mouthwatering final results, we provide nothing less than the absolute best. We have a wide array of products ranging from delectable pastries to delicious sandwiches, as well as our specialty—cakes! Our experienced pâtissier can make the most beautiful custom cakes for birthday parties or weddings, or maybe just for when you feel like treating yourself! We’re here to scratch that itch on your sweet tooth.


Don’t forget to pair your slice of tiramisu or other desserts with some delicious beverages! From classic black coffee and cappuccino to delicious cardamom tea, we’ve got you covered. There’s nothing better than a warm cup of joe for breakfast or lunch to get that shot of energy to make it through the day.


Got a big event coming up? We’ll take the burden of feeding your guests off your shoulders. Our extensive selection of bakery items and desserts is sure to keep your guests satisfied throughout the party—all you have to do is place an order with PrymRose!


Contact us to get the best bakery items and desserts in Abu Dhabi today.


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