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Top 3 Breads For The Best Sandwiches

Let’s admit it, bread is God’s gift to mankind, and we’ve only made things better by using them for making sandwiches. With so many kinds of amazing bread available out there, which ones are the perfect ones for making a sandwich? Regardless of your choice of sandwich filling, here are some of the best bread for sandwiches that are sure to fulfill your lunchtime cravings!


With a soft inside and a thin and crispy crust on the outside, ciabatta is well-known for the irregular and large holes that it has on the inside. They’re perfect for soaking up any flavors from your favorite ingredients like cured meats, cheese, and tomatoes. This amazing bread is great for making many kinds of different sandwiches and is most commonly used for making paninis. It’s super versatile!

The name comes from the Italian word for ‘slippers’ since it reflects the bread’s elongated shape. This Italian bread is made from yeast, salt, olive oil, water, and wheat flour.


Do you like eating your sandwiches with a crispy and soft crust? Baguettes are the perfect solution! This classic bread has a golden-brown crispy crust with a rather chewy interior that has a large and open crumb structure. This helps prevent the bread from getting soggy too quickly.

You can use this kind of bread in many different sandwiches, such as BLTs, ham and cheese, and more!


A croissant is more of a pastry than a bread, but it’s often used to make delectable sandwiches, unlike any others. This buttery and flaky French pastry is named after its beautiful crescent shape—its dough is folded and rolled after getting layered with butter multiple times. The final product is then laminated as it gets rolled into a thinner sheet, resulting in a flaky and layered texture that’s similar to puff pastry.

You can create many kinds of delicious sandwiches by cutting a croissant in half and stuffing it with all your favorite ingredients!

A loaf of sliced bread with butter

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