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The chief artisan of PrymRose Cakes N More, Dilani Fernando found inspiration as a young girl watching her older sisters create sugar and cake masterpieces for weddings and special occasions.  Dilani took her first steps of learning sugar craft and cake decorating in Sri Lanka in 2007.  She completed her master's Certificate in Sugar Craft Fine studies at R. L. Clement Cake decorating school in Sri Lanka in 2013 and has since has won many competitions locally and internationally. 

With all of her experience and award winning talent, Dilani is starting a new chapter of sugar craft in Abu Dhabi with PrymRose Cakes N More.



  • 2013 - Culinary Art Competition 2 Gold Medals

  • 2019 - Horeca Kuwait Hospitality Solon Culinary Medals

  • 2019 - IFCA National Culinary competition, 1 Gold Medal

  • 2019 - Culinary Art Food Expo, 5 Medals

  • 2020 - Culinary Olympics Stuttgart Germany, 2 medals 


  • Wedding Cake designing and decorating

  • Sugar flower creations

  • Sugar craft fine artwork

  • Sugar sculpting

  • Bread dough sculpting 

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