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Your Complete Guide to Planning A Baby Shower

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Baby showers are an important event for expectant mothers. It shows emotional support for the mommy-to-be while bringing together a bunch of gifts that she’ll need to take care of her baby when it arrives. Anyone can throw a baby shower for their loved ones; you just have to know how!

Here’s a complete guide for planning a baby shower:

Select a date

Talk to the guest of honor to pick a date and time that will be perfect for her party. Baby showers are usually held when expectant mothers are around seven months pregnant since they’re well into the pregnancy but still have some level of comfort. It’ll help give the new mom enough time to organize all of the gifts and purchase anything that she still needs before the baby’s arrival as well.

Determine the budget and guest list

Ask the mom-to-be about her guest list and come up with a budget—it has to include the food services and venue. Consider the time of year and the number of guests when selecting the venue. You can host the party in your backyard for a more intimate gathering and cut down on venue booking costs, or if you need more space, you can also consider a restaurant or hotel nearby. It’ll also help you simply sit back and relax while the staff takes care of the setup and cleanup!

Plan the menu

When you’re planning a baby shower, it’s important to nail down the décor and menu at least three weeks before the big event. Buy all of your unperishable decorations in advance and make place cards for the guests. Finalize your menu to cater to your guest of honor and her preferences—things like mini sliders, pizza, mini cupcakes, and various other cute desserts in miniature portions.

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