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Your Complete Guide To Arabic Sweets

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Who doesn’t crave a fresh hummus dip or smokey kebabs from time to time? Arabic food can be found in grocery stores and food stalls around the world, but it’s time to discuss the wonder that is Arabic desserts. Differing from traditional chocolates and cakes, these delicious sweets can be just as addictive for your pallet.

Here are some of the best Arabic desserts everyone should try at least once:


Do you like cheese? Well, it’s time to try out this delicious Middle Eastern rendition of a cheesecake. Originally made in Palestine, kunafa is rather popular across the Arab world. This simple yet mesmerizing dessert consists of cheese, pistachio, sugar, and kunafa dough. Best served hot; this syrup-soaked treat is sure to leave you craving more.

Rice pudding

While rice pudding is a common dessert that can be found in various iterations throughout the world, the dessert is a staple in this part of the world. You can find rice pudding in Levant restaurants, and it mostly consists of rice that’s been cooked to a soft much with rose water and sugar, with a topping of crunchy pistachios. This dessert is a welcome variation from most other Arabic sweets, which tend to be more focused on pastries.


Baklava is one of the most popular Middle Eastern desserts, with origins dating back to the days of the Ottoman Empire. It can be found in all Arabic countries with their own little twist on the recipe. This syrup-soaked dessert consists of thin filo dough, honey, and pistachios and can be served in a variety of sizes, depending on the event. It’s a great souvenir for taking back to any beloved foodies at home.


When it comes to ice cream, you can do no wrong, especially with bastani, where everything feels just right! This Iranian ice cream is popular in many Arabic countries, as well as around the globe. It consists of milk, sugar, saffron, rose water, and vanilla, making it much different from the traditional Baskin Robbins you might find at the corner of the street.

A pistachio baklava

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