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Sugar paste Vs. Fondant: What’s The Difference?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

With the number of different terms in baking and cakes, there’s no wonder the average cake-eater gets confused! At first glance, sugar paste and fondant seem to appear rather similar—they’re both kneadable balls of soft dough used for decorating cakes. However, these two mediums are vastly different in their characteristics and usage!

Here’s everything you need to know to distinguish the two:

What is sugar paste?

Sugar Paste is a pliable and soft dough made from sugar that dries down to be completely hard, unlike fondant, which remains in its soft state. This makes sugar paste perfect for making detailed decorations for cakes such as daisies, roses, or other flowers.

Sugar paste is also a bit more durable when compared to fondant, so it’s easier to roll out and create thin layers like ruffles without worrying about tearing them. However, it tends to dry out rather fast, so it’s important to keep it covered while it’s being worked on. While sugar paste is edible, it’s not recommended to eat decorations made out of the substance or to use it to cover your entire cake since it can be difficult to chew.

What is fondant?

Fondant is a sugar dough that’s much more versatile than sugar paste, and it doesn’t dry down to be as hard. It’s usually used to make fun decorations or cover cakes, and comes in many different customizable colors. While you can use fondant to make cake decorations and toppers, too, you won’t get the perfect detailing that you’d get with sugar paste since it’s impossible to roll out to be as thin without tearing it.

How are they made?

Both sugar paste and fondant are made with sugar and some liquid, but fondant contains gelatin that gives it its pliability and elasticity, while sugar paste uses gum-Tex powder to add strength and stability.

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