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Here’s Why 3D Cakes Are So Popular

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Have you ever gone to a birthday party and wondered where the cake was before they started cutting into a gorgeous piece of art that you previously thought was a sculpture? You’re not alone! 3D cakes are incredibly lifelike desserts that closely mimic almost any object—cartoon characters, video game consoles, to everyday items like books and phones.

These jaw-dropping designs are perfect for summer celebrations, winter weddings, baby showers, and even simple gatherings with your friends and family. They’re so aesthetically pleasing that they often serve as one of the main events at the party. Here’s how you can get your own!

Design your cake concept

Before ordering a beautiful 3D cake, you must first design your concept—this is the most important part of getting your perfect sculpted cake. There are many factors that you need to keep in mind whether you’re ordering it for your birthday, wedding, or some other celebration.

Determine the size of the 3D cake—you want it to be enough to feed all of your guests but not too large that there’s too much leftover. 3D cake sizes are very different from traditional sheet cakes. Then, think about the shape, colors, and design that you want, and make sure to provide explicit details of everything you want incorporated into the cake.

Choose the flavors

Once you’ve designed your 3D cake, it’s time to choose or customize the flavors. It’s likely that the cake’s outer layers have already been determined based on its design, but you can still decide on the flavor of the sponge and fillings—you can go for classic flavors like red velvet, chocolate, or vanilla, or try out something fun and new with something like pistachio!

Store your dessert

Once your cake is done, and you’ve picked it up, you need to be careful with its storage. You want to ensure maximum freshness at the time of serving, with no negative impacts on the design. Most 3D cakes shouldn’t be left out of the fridge for too long, so make sure to leave sufficient space for your cake in the refrigerator when you bring it home.

A 3D cake with Minnie Mouse

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