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All About Arabic Sweets and Where to Find Them if You Live in Abu Dhabi

The temptation to just eat cakes or ice cream for dessert is strong, but there are a surprising number of mouthwatering Arabic delicacies that you may have never heard of before. Classic Arabic sweets are the perfect way to round up a delicious dinner in the Middle East.

Arabic Sweets are traditionally made with sugar, honey, nuts, and spices that are mixed to form a paste. The paste is then shaped into small balls or other shapes before they are left to dry. The tastiest Arabic sweets can be found right here in UAE, so let's check them out.


Halva is a sweet dessert that is made from sugar, butter, and rose water. It can be served with tea or coffee to break the fast during Ramadan and is even distributed on special events such as weddings. Halva comes in various shapes and flavors, depending on the country that it's made in.


Maamoul is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert that can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire. They are made with a thin layer of dough, filled with dates, walnuts, or pistachios, and then shaped into either small circles or crescents. They can also be filled with cream cheese or nuts and then topped with icing sugar for decoration. A classic Arabian delicacy to impress your guests!


Qatayef is a type of sweet that is made from a dough that has been deep-fried so it puffs up when it is cooked. It contains a mixture of sugar and olive oil that is inside the puffed dough. The dough is often flavored with citrus juice, rose water, or a combination of both. There are many variations on this dessert, but the common ingredients are always sugar and olive.


This dessert is a sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. The most common nut filling is walnuts and almonds, but pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews, and pine nuts are also used.


Kataifi is a type of dessert that uses shredded phyllo dough as the main ingredient. It can be served as one large cake or rolled into bite-sized pieces. It's typically covered in syrup, cheese, honey, or chocolate and topped with pistachios to create an explosion of flavor.


Kunafa, a cheese-based delicacy from Palestine, is an excellent choice for creamy dessert lovers. Pastries filled with ricotta cheese and sesame toast are soaked in sweet syrup and garnished with almonds and rose petals for this delicacy. You'll be a fan when you taste this delicacy!

Enjoy classic knafeh from the best Arabic sweets in Abu Dhabi

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