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4 Different Types of Donuts That You Absolutely Must Try

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

As huge as it may seem at times, we really do live in a small world. Look at the breakfast pastries around the world! Humans across the globe came to the collective conclusion that they should fry some balls of dough as a worthwhile addition to their diets and daily lives, leading to an essential dessert cum breakfast food that we can’t imagine our lives without.

Here are some of the best donuts around the world that everyone should have at least once in their lives!

Berliners from Germany

Technically known as “Berliner Pfannkuchen,” the Berliner is a rather straightforward jelly donut that you can find in most diners or donut shops in your local town. While this powdered delight can also be enjoyed with various other fillings, practical jokers in Germany fill it up with spicy mustard to prank their friends.

Bolas de fraile con dulce leche from Argentina

A wonderful rendition of classic German Berliners, the Argentinians created their own version of the delicious hole-less jelly donut by piping it full of dulce de leche, which is probably their best gift to humans by far. These puffy little balls of fried dough might look unassuming from the inside, but they’re pure heaven as soon as you bite in.

Vadai from India

More savory than sweet, this common Indian snack is usually eaten along with other meals or as a separate snack. Their flavor profile is rather different compared to western donuts, containing curry leaves, onion, chilis, salt, and cumin seeds. They’re supposed to be eaten fresh while they’re still crunchy and piping hot—who cares about tongue-burns when there’s something so delicious waiting for you right there?

Zeppole from Italy

You might have seen these delicious deep-fried dough balls at a festival—more common to the metropolitan area in Italy; zeppole have a wide variety of content and consistency. With fillings ranging from the classic jelly or custard to a more exotic ricotta cheese, you’re sure you fall in love with this Italian delight at first bite.

Donuts falling onto a surface

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