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3 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable First Birthday Party

As a new parent, you might have heard your peers and elders talking about how children grow up too fast. It’s important to cherish every moment with your little angel as they bloom and grow into the beautiful person that they were meant to be.

Planning a great first birthday party is a great way to celebrate your baby’s important milestone while creating core memories with your family. Here’s how you can get started:

Create a guest list

Most kids love big guest lists because it means there are more presents and more friends to play with! However, babies don’t really know what’s going on except that there are strange faces and loud noises around, and too much commotion can startle them.

Keep an intimate gathering to keep your baby happy throughout the event. Don’t worry about leaving people out—explain the situation and keep them in mind when you’re planning bigger events.

Plan according to your baby’s schedule

Babies have a unique schedule of their own, and it’s important to work around that in order to endure that they’re in their best mood during the event. Some babies get fussy in the afternoon, so you can hold your party in the morning. If your little angel is completely nocturnal, the best that you can do is to lay them down for a nap before the event.

Make sure that your party doesn’t last too long since your baby needs a lot of sleep at this stage.

Prepare snacks

First birthday parties might not last very long, but your guests will love having some snacks before the big cake reveal. You can get simple snacks at your local grocery store and set them out in cute serving platters or bowls, or you can get professional catering to make things easier and yummier for everyone.

The best part of the party is definitely the cake! Select a theme and work around it to incorporate the cake’s design—whether you’re going for classy or elegant, or cute and childish, it’s up to you.

Panna cotta in a jar

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