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3 Reasons You Should Buy a Custom Cake

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Custom cakes have started trending in the foodie world in the last couple of years. The days where you had to go to the local grocery store to cater to your confectionary needs are long gone! Nowadays, quality and choice matter to people the most, and while supermarkets and chain bakeries can provide you with cakes at low price points, they often fall short regarding other qualities that people desire in the perfect cake.

As people turn to cake artists to create beautiful cakes that can be the center of attention at any event, here’s why you should get a custom cake too!

It tastes better

Freshly baked cakes always taste much better than something that’s been mass-produced. Chain store and supermarket cakes are chock full of additives and preservatives that aim to increase their shelf life as much as possible. Some aren’t even baked in the store but are frozen for months in a factory storage before being stocked on shelves.

It has higher-quality ingredients

Many stores also use an icing known as buttercreme, which differs from the more commonly known buttercream since it doesn’t contain any real butter. It’s made up of sugar, palm oil, and shortening. This relatively unhealthy variant is more stable, allowing the cake to be left out for many days without getting ruined—not something you’d want to choose for yourself or your family.

It’s personal

Regardless of the kind of party or event you’re planning, getting a custom cake is the best way to match the theme and elevate your guests’ experience! Store-bought cakes have a limited number of decorations and flavors—you can choose between vanilla and chocolate at best, with maybe a few colorful sugar roses on top.

With a custom cake, you can incorporate as many flavors as you want, with the exact kind of icing and toppings that you want, in the shape that you love best! The only limit is your imagination and probably your wallet.

A caramel glazed cake

Find special birthday cakes near you!

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