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3 Dishes for Your Backyard Engagement Party

Planning a party is challenging enough by itself, but an engagement party? It has to be the epitome of perfection that rivals the love you and your partner share. One of the highlights of any party is the food! If you're planning on hosting your party in your backyard and want to make sure that your guests are satisfied, these 3 dishes are perfect for you:


While pizza might seem like a more casual party option, it's perfect for serving at any event regardless of how fancy it's supposed to be. It's versatile and delicious, and even the pickiest eaters are likely to enjoy it. You can choose from many flavors of freshly baked pizzas, such as our Margherita pizza, vegetable pizza, or Hawaiian turkey pizza. All of them are available in both small and large sizes!


One of the easiest yet most delicious options to serve at a backyard party are sandwiches. Once again, they're incredibly versatile and can have almost any filling that you can imagine. They're also easy to eat on the go, so you can keep them at a separate table for snacks for people to eat as finger food.

We have many different delicious croissant and ciabatta bread sandwiches—they're way fancier than anything that you can make with plain white bread. You're sure to wow your guests with flavors such as chicken salad croissant sandwich and creamy chicken ciabatta sandwich.


Nothing says fancy like macarons. These tiny designer desserts require a lot of effort to perfect and are usually reserved for important events such as this. These perfectly chewy, flavorful cookies are super aesthetic to look at and can be served as a beautiful centerpiece on your snack table.

We have many different kinds of macarons available such as vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, and raspberry.

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Looking for a place that can serve all of these mouthwatering dishes and more at your engagement party? PrymRose Cakes N More has got you covered! We have delicious desserts such as Arabic sweets, cupcakes, and wedding cakes for you to uplift everyone's moods at your party. Our collection of savory treats is also perfect for making your event as memorable as possible.

Contact us to find out more!

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